Magnetic Bible Bookmarks – 6 tabbed bookmarks per set


Each Set of SermonEyez has 6 magnetic page markers with a cross to mark the exact verse you need.

As you leaf through your bible, the magnets stay in position. Ideal for a friend or relative with a bible bursting with bits of paper and traditional bookmarks

Each page marker is a different color for easy reference.



Tabbed Magnetic Bible Page Markers 6 brightly colored markers, each with a common biblical topic, make it easy to find the verse you want to find on that topic. AGAPE, PURPOSE, FAITH, HOPE, PRAYER and GRACE. Use the cross to point to the exact spot on the page where you verse lies. The magnets hold the markers in place so as you use your bible they will not move or fall out. Lightweight magnetic bookmark makes a lovely gift for anyone who enjoys easily referencing a verse or passage of the bible. Your entire bible study group would welcome this gift.

Stays Put, Points to the exact spot on page. Easy to spot colors and topics.

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Weight 0.03 oz

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