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Shower Caps that Transform Ordinary to Exceptional!

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About Us

Captivations grew out of the founder’s desperate search for a durable, roomy, high quality and attractive shower cap.  Gloria scoured the country, searching all manner of retailers (large department stores, small boutiques and beauty supply shops) and diligently combed the Internet, but never found a shower cap that met all of her standards.  As they say, “necessity is the mother of invention”, so Gloria put her business background to work and created shower caps that met her exacting standards.  The result of Gloria’s relentless pursuit of a high quality shower cap is Captivations.

Captivations products transform ordinary and common-place items into extraordinary and indulgent creations. Our products are thoughtfully designed to provide superior quality and a fashion flair that satisfies the unique and discerning tastes of Captivations customers.